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About us

Brick factory sucessfully produce quality clay fasade brick last 30 years. It began production in 1977, in Donje Crniljevo, municipal of Koceljeva. Production was based on crude material from vicinage, from "Jovanovica Brdo" pit, 0,5 km far from factory.

Factory is located in Donje Crniljevo, 20 km far from municipality of Koceljeva, 55 km far from first industrial headquarters, Sabac, and 100 - 120 km far from the main cities in Serbia-Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Zorka Opeka operates within Austrian company Alas International and it's present on national and markets in region. Co-owner of Zorka-Opeka is company Ziegelwerk Pichler, also from Austria. The owner of this company, Mr. Marcus Pichler, is creator of brand mark „Klimabloc“, which is already manufactured for many years in EU.

Proud on our products, on diversity and quality of products, company possess standard of quality CE.

Production program consider manufacturing of red, white and pink fasade brick NF. This means the highest standards, which enable presenting our goods in Serbia but also in regional countries.

Factory produce various clay bricks, depending on their utility: Clay bricks for bearing walls-giter block Clay bricks for partition walls Clay bricks for floors construction

- Foreign – CE
- Ventilation block – CE
- Zorka Opeka - certificate